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KLANG is clearly the best personal monitoring system. Once a performer usesKLANG is clearly the best personal monitoring system. Once a performer usesKLANG, they’ll be shocked how “small” their old in-ear mix sounded compared to 3D. The difference in every other personal monitoring system and KLANG is stark and obvious. The above photo shows the actual multi-platform app – you can download and hear what KLANG can do now! Listen to the difference. It interfaces to every console, use either MADI, Dante, or ADAT.

For more information on Klang visit the link below:



The ESP LTD EC1000P 



The ESP LTD EC1000P (the P is for Piezo)
This guitar arrives ready to cover any gig. Excellent fret work,
Duncan 59 neck, JB bridge, Tone Pro hardware, locking tuners,
and built in Fishman Powerbridge piezo/preamp acoustic guitar
system. You can simultaneously send the magnetic pickups to
a guitar amp, and the Fishman acoustic piezo pickup to a PA system.
Rocking electric tones? Check. Fat clean tones? Check. A sweet
shimmering acoustic guitar tone that won’t feed back in bass registers?
Check. This guitar comes in quilted maple, see thru blue or black.

For more information on the ESP LTD EC1000P visit the link below:


EF360STT and EC 1000 



The EF360STT, which maps at
$1549, w/case, is a solid top thermally aged guitar, with solid rosewood back & sides. This guitar harkens back to the days of handmade guitars in the American tradition, which plays loud, and sounds & feels great. Includes the TLD2 Line Driver pickup.

For more information on the EF360STT visit the link below:



The EC 1000 Piezo, electric & acoustic sounds from the same guitar. Classic design, 24.75” scale, w/Seymour Duncan & JB pickups. Very well built, must be played to appreciate. Maps at only $1099. Beautiful finish.




Whether it is the latest generation of high power coaxial speaker systems, with Dave Gunness’ emphasis on pattern control and vocal articulation, or a growing line of passive cardioid systems that truly impress, Fulcrum is at the forefront of creatively solving the needs of professional systems integrators. A company that is all about helping you to install better and more intelligible loudspeaker systems. Not only do they build a “better box” but they build it in the USA, to an extreme level of quality. Other mfrs say they can’t, then go offshore, Fulcrum just does it. You won’t find a company more willing to help you every step of the way, from design through support.

For more information on Fulcrum visit the link below:





Of course you know about the S31, the larger version of the amazing S21, with another screen and ten more faders, but do you know that DiGiCo is coming through again to upgrade your investment? The S Series consoles are going to 48 Flexi Inputs as you read this. Your console just “got bigger!”

(Reminder: always make sure your, or your clients, consoles are running the latest software. Check with us to learn what that is, or on the DiGiCo website SD is v929, S is 1.4. All now support iPad™ control)

For more information on DiGiCo visit the link below:


HDL 6-A 



We talked about RCF’s HDL6-A when it was previewed at NAMM, but now it’s shipping. What we showed at InfoComm, in addition to the 6-A, is the new HDL30-A. The 30-A is a new mid-sized line array, joining the new generation of HDLs. The 6-A, 30-A, and the HDL50-A, share the new FiRPHASE processing algorithms, RDNet, and that smart & easy rigging system. The HDL6-A is available in black or white for installations.

For more information on the HDL 6A visit the link below:





CAD Audio is definitely a company to pay attention to. Their engineering staff is incredibly experienced, and unlike many affordable mic companies, they don’t just put their logo on some OEM mics. Their microphones, wireless, and IEM systems, are properly engineered by their team and the performance shows it. Who else has variable pattern installation microphones? CAD out-performs your and your clients’ expectations. While some companies are getting harder to deal with, not CAD

For more information on CAD visit the link below:


Energy 4 



Editors and Musicians agree – The Energy 4 Charger is the perfect battery charger for wireless mics, IEM’s and other pro-audio applications!

For more information on Ansmann’s Energy 4 Charger visit the link below:


Quantum7 Engine 


Preliminarily announced last year, but just shown officially at PL&S 2017 & NAB, this is the Quantum 7 engine for the SD7, taking the industry’s most powerful console to even higher capabilities. This engine enables >600 channels, True Solo, Nodal Processing, and adds 8 MADI I/O and dual DMI slots. Retrofittable to existing SD7s to make each a “brand new” console.

For more information on the Quantum7 Engine visit the link below:


HDL6A rig new 



RCF’s HDL rigs, the HDL50-A, 20-A, & 10-A, have a new member, the compact but high output HDL6-A. With dual 6” LF + a powerful compression driver, this is the latest in RCF’s very successful active powered and processed HDL Series. Quick to set up and easy to configure.

For more information on the new  HDL6A rig visit the link below:


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