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SD 32bit preamp card 

John Stadius, the brilliant engineer behind DiGiCo’s great leaps forward does it again. A 32 bit high resolution ultra high fidelity mic pre-amp card takes the already excellent sound of DiGiCo to the proverbial “next level.”
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New at W NAMM 2017 
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New at W NAMM 2017

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The DiGiCo SD12


Roli Blocks 




Active Line Array Module


The HDL6-A is the ideal choice when line array performance is needed and a fast and easy set-up a must.  A 1400 W 2-channel digital amplifier powers the system.  A powerful DSP processes the sound including crossover, phase correction, limiting and protection.  The system features state of the art RCF transducers – two powerful 6.5″ woofers for a solid bass reproduction plus a high powered 1.7: voice coil compression driver mounted on a precise 100º x 10º waveguide delivers vocal clarity with high definition and an incredible dynamic.

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DiGiCo SD12 

DiGiCo SD12.

Introducing Project Vulcan.

In 2015, DiGiCo launched its’ compact S-Series, which boasted a modern workflow at an affordable price point; last year, the whole SD range became much more powerful thanks to the introduction of Core 2 Software across the board; now, in DiGiCo’s 15th year, meet project Vulcan, the new SD12.

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The LTD EC-256 line is expanded, with 4 cool new colors, such as this Cobalt Blue. The original EC/LP body style, you must see the quality of the finish – you won’t believe this IS NOT a $1500 guitar! It’s actually only $425 MAP. Plenty of others to choose from.
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Stagemaker now has a 1/2 ton single phase motor, just introduced at LDI. The SR05, which is in the same case as the pictured SR5. Check out a video of the SR05:

DiGiCo S31 

Everything great from the S21 in a larger package. Another screen and 10 more faders. And just like the S21, DiGiCo sound & quality at a perfect price. 40 Flexi inputs, 16 Flexi outputs, 96k, all what you expect from DiGiCo.

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