2018 Powersoft

Powersoft has a growing range of intelligent amplifiers that are affordable and easy to integrate into any kind of permanent installation. We can cross reference any project to help you. These amps are quite cost effective, particularly using the DSP versions, as for many installs a separate DSP processor may not be needed. Armonia is very powerful.

Being introduced shortly at ISE are 2 new Duecanali (2 ch), the Duecanali 804 and Duecanali 4804, joining the relatively new 1604Quattrocanali (4 ch) and Ottocanali (8 ch) give you many amp choices. Multiple versions of each series, with appropriate power levels, from as little as 150 up to 3000 watts, and everything in between (8, 4, & 2 Ω loads are easily handled, along with 70v). Network connections include Dante™.

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