Klang 2022

KLANG,the immersive personal monitoring systems, has been quite busy. Shown here is the Kontroller, capable of mixing 24 inputs on fast access hardware. Intuitive control over inputs, groups & immersive mixing via the encoders and digital scribble strips (no white tape needed). With True Ambient mics built in, that “boxed in feeling” can be a thing of the past.

And here are the new Konductor and VokalKonductor is the “Quantum 7 of the KLANG ecosystem!” Up to 128 inputs over 16 mixes (48 or 96k). MADI, Optocore, & Dante inputs, and a 7″ touchscreen, Konductor is an extremely flexible way to handle large mixes. Of course multiple Kontrollers can be used to give musicians control of their own mixes.

The Vokal 3D mixing processor offers12 mixes of 24 inputs (48 or 96k); connect up to 12 for entire stage control. Perfect for churches & theatres. Has Dante built-in, so a DMI card is not required.