Takamine 2023

Now this is a very special guitar. Takamine has long dominated the Hispanic world of 12 string guitars, which are very big in that market (check this link). Takamines are so reliable, have great action, and once set up perfectly, they stay that way. This gloss white model, the GD35CE-12PW, (also available in a 6 st), long popular in Europe and Latin America, is now available in the US. $949 Map, solid spruce stop, sapele back and sides, and an updated version of Tak’s original simplified preamp, the TP-3G (volume, treble, middle, bass and a tuner). And yeah, while Takamine also makes some very complex preamps, all of their Signature Series guitars use a similar preamp – because it’s simple, sounds great, and artists and soundpeople love them! Taks ALWAYS sound great through the PA!