Adam Hall 2023

We know it seems that everybody has a “stick” speaker system. But LD Systems from Adam Hall, really does things differently with their MAUI G3 Series. Shown is the new MAUI 28 G3. What do they do that’s unique?

How about the MF/HF section being passive cardioid? Why is that important? That allows much more gain before feedback compared to other systems. Cardioid speakers, just like the cardioid microphones you’ve always used, simply make sense!

Lots of power, an ingenious attachment system so easy to use, advanced DSP control for low distortion and high output, a 12″ LF sub much louder than you’d expect, 12 3.5″ MF for midrange smoothness, and 3 1″ HF drivers for perfect highs. Last, but not least, an actual wooden sub enclosure! Add an extra sub to simply extend the cardioid into the LF range.

You need to hear this system, we promise you’ll be surprised! (also available in white, and ICOAs are back in stock!)