The History of Quest Marketing

Quest Marketing was formed in 1996, by John. After working throughout the southeast, in just about every city and state for another company, it was time to create a different style of rep organization. From the beginning, the desire was to work with innovative companies that “had a story to tell.” It’s always fun to sell technology you believe in.


It started small, of course, but grew rapidly. Over time, more people joined our organization, including merging with three other rep firms. We tried to stick to our philosophy, which is, quite simply: sell cool stuff that’s fun (If needed, that would be our “mission statement”). When you look at the companies and products we represent, you’ll see what we mean.


Over time, the product mix has evolved. Early on was an emphasis on studio recording and post, as the project studio became a major part of recording, and post grew to embrace digital. Then came products to assist the growth of regional sound companies, as new technologies became available in loudspeakers, amps, processors, and consoles. As always, systems contracting has been a large focus, particularly for churches and other houses of worship. Lighting was there from the start, and video was added.


Conferencing systems grew in importance, along with a lot of AV solutions. An MI division was created and became hugely successful. A rep firm must be dynamic, as nothing stays constant except the needs for quality products and customer service.


We continue to grow and adapt to the changing conditions of the audio, video, lighting, and music marketplaces. Whatever your business, Quest has the right product for you.