Adam Hall 2024

Palmer, part of the Adam Hall Group, has introduced the Supreme Soaker. A combination of speaker simulator, loadbox, direct box, and more. A professional touring and recording tool to properly manage a tube amplifier. Dial in your amp, at any volume, then reduce to the desired level for stage or studio work, cabinet or not. A wide variety of speaker simulators, tube amp sounds, and a mono/stereo effects loop (even if the amp doesn’t have). Palmer’s previous speaker simulators have been used by many guitarists on many, many, tours. Other products from Adam Hall are: Maton guitars, EBSHofner basses, Mad ProfessorGravity stands, AH Cables, and Adam Hall hardware

From Adam Hall’s speaker division, LD Systems, comes the new MON G3 Series of stage monitors. Available in 8, 10, 12, & 15″ versions, all coax, black or white, internally powered w/DSP, these speakers are surprisingly loud and extremely affordable. Give them a listen, you’ll be most impressed. We certainly are!