Aurora LED Systems 2023

Aurora LED Systems continues to provide the highest quality and best value LED solutions. 

Shown above is the new APIX wall, illustrating how easy it is to assemble, with magnetic panels that simply “click” into place. 3.9mm pitch, flyable, hangable, and ground stackable for indoor permanent installation at an unbeatable price. 

Some live shots from the show floor, on the left is the GFWA mobile stand-up display, 1.875mm polymer coated (for a protected surface) vertical wall for creative signage, or, link 6 together for a free standing 1920×1080 borderless screen over 13.5′ diagonal! On the right is the new Magnimage high efficiency dvLED video processor. Each port will handle >2,000,000 pixels@60hz, resulting in far less data runs, so quicker setup and less to go wrong!