DiGiCo 2024

DiGiCo does it again. At AES they announced their purchase of Fourier Audio, which is the Transform Engine pictured above. At NAMM we were able to see it in action. A Dante™ connected very robust server, fully compatible with all VST3 plug-ins, this is THE solution to using plug-ins in the live environment. Too many features to list, it is already being ordered for tour after tour, and is compatible with all leading consoles (though we recommend DiGiCo!). Intelligently designed, properly engineered, with everything audio engineers need to use those special sounds.

Of course, there’s more. Also announced were eagerly awaited Pulse Software updates for all Quantum consoles, which increase their capacities. The Q338 goes to 156 channels x 72 busses, with Mustard processors to 48 and Nodal to 72. The Q225 goes to 96×48, Mustard to 36, Nodal to 48. Both add Mix-Minus functionality. The Q5 & Q7 also have increased processing, but not I/O. The new and now in production Q852 already has more of everything!