Kala 2022

This new Mandy Harvey Signature Concert Ukulele is all mahogany save the rosewood fretboard, w/the top designed by her sister, and this time at $99 MAP.

The new Skyline Series made in Java, Indonesia, has 4 sizes of 
Ukuleles: soprano, concert, tenor and baritone. They are all 100% solid woods, utilizing Tembesi, Mango, and Cedar, and range from $599-$799 MAP. The new Crossover Banjo Concert Uke KA-BNJ-MHG-C at $199 makes the super loud banjo ukulele much more affordable. 

Kala also has 2 new Cigar Box Concert ukes, yes, just fun and shaped like cigar boxes (!), they’re made of meranti wood, MAP is $79.99